Sales & Marketing Certification

Welcome to Zmanda!

You are about to learn how to sell the most cost-effective and scalable enterprise backup & recovery solution.

This learning track is designed to teach you the basics about Zmanda Enterprise Backup & Recovery, which helps you win deals easily. When you finish this learning track, you’ll have a great sense of understanding of the following.

  • Product overview: An introduction to Zmanda, including its features, benefits, and use cases.
  • Competitive landscape: An in-depth understanding of Zmanda’s competitors and how Zmanda differentiates itself in the market.
  • Value proposition: An understanding of Zmanda’s value proposition, including the unique benefits that Zmanda offers to customers and how Zmanda solves their problems.
  • Pricing process: To help you correctly price and quote Zmanda services to potential clients, along with a sample quote that can serve as a framework. It can help ensure consistency in messaging and presentation.

On completion of this learning track, you become Zmanda Sales Certified!

With just 1 hour commitment to our self-learning path, you would be equipped to pass the sales certification quiz and start prospecting right away.