Zmanda EBR – Simplified Hybrid Cloud Support


In today’s data-driven business landscape, protecting valuable information is more important than ever. That is where Zmanda comes in, offering advanced enterprise protection solutions that safeguard customers’ critical data from a variety of threats.

Here’s a gist of how you can own and control your data with Zmanda, as there are no third-party vendor lock-ins at 50% less cost.

Zmanda for Advanced Enterprise Protection

Zmanda brings a fresh new design, greater data storage efficiency, enhanced security, and improved license management. It is built upon Amanda Community, the most popular open-source backup and recovery solution for enterprises. It has brought about a radical change in the backup & recovery space and helps enterprises reduce data management costs. We enable you to back up data from your databases, servers, applications, and VMs. Zmanda’s disaster recovery capabilities span on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Additionally, Zmanda helps enterprises achieve RPO & RTO objectives – even during major IT outages. IT teams can expect seamless backup and recovery processes across our entire product offerings.

Our unique pricing approach allows our customers, especially data-intensive companies, to save 50% compared to the competition.

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Zmanda for Hybrid Environments

Balancing workloads across multiple cloud providers shouldn’t be complex. Zmanda protects your entire business – on-premises, remote, private cloud, and public cloud. Its advanced hybrid cloud architecture can deliver on-demand flexibility, empowering even legacy systems with new capabilities and legacy systems.

Zmanda seamlessly orchestrates distributed backup and recovery across Hybrid Cloud Platforms from a single console. The Zmanda Management Console, or ZMC, is a centralized web interface that allows you to manage your entire organization’s backups in one place. So, whether you’re working with sources, targets, schedules, encryption, compression, vaulting, or more, you have one simple place to go.

In short, Zmanda offers you flexibility, performance, and ease of use across enterprise configurations.

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Zmanda Cloud Storage: Scalable, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Storage for Your Backups

Zmanda Cloud Storage is a managed cloud storage solution that is highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective for storing and managing your backups. The solution is built on top of a leading cloud storage platform, Wasabi. Customers of Zmanda EBR can now use Zmanda Cloud Storage to obtain an end-to-end data management solution with just a simple click of a button.

With its various capabilities, you can store, protect, and access your backups without dealing with the complexities and costs of setting up and maintaining your own storage infrastructure. ZCS comes with native integration for all your backup requirements. And do you know what the best part is? Zmanda will handle all the provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance of the storage so that you can focus on your core business activities.

What you get with Zmanda Cloud Storage:

  • 50% TCO reduction and predictable billing: Eliminate capital expenditures for physical storage and right-size your invoice to save money.
  • Administrative overhead elimination: Automatic cloud configuration and native integration save you time and money.
  • Protect Your Data: Immutable cloud storage and automatic replication protect your data from ransomware attacks, data loss, and corruption.
  • 3-2-1 backup standard and archive needs: Simultaneous backup to multiple destinations such as tape, NAS, and other cloud solutions.

In a nutshell, Zmanda Cloud Storage is a robust and efficient cloud storage solution. With ZCS, the complexities of data storage and protection are streamlined, allowing for a simplified and hassle-free experience. Our managed cloud storage solution enables you to meet industry-standard backup practices while minimizing expenses.

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