Zmanda’s USPs & Target Customers


In this section, learn about Zmanda’s unique selling points and who it’s ideal for.

What makes Zmanda unique?

While Zmanda is a proven, reliable backup and recovery solution for enterprises, there are 4 areas that make it unique.

  • Pricing: For starters, there’s the price – Zmanda’s flexible licensing model provides you with a scalable, efficient, and cost-effective enterprise backup solution at a 50% lower cost than its competitors.
  • Open-source based: For companies and industries that value open-source software and want to avoid vendor lock-in, Zmanda has it covered.
  • Tape expertise: If tape storage is an important part of your customer’s backup and archive strategy, Zmanda’s expertise is unparalleled.
  • Contained deployment: If your customers need a backup solution for a highly secure, zero-trust site, Zmanda’s contained deployments can get the job done. Zmanda doesn’t require an internet connection.

Who are Zmanda’s target customers?

Zmanda’s target customers are:

  • Customers who generate large amounts of data, such as those in the media and entertainment industry will benefit greatly from Zmanda. The pricing model simplifies decision-making for customers and provides cost-effective solutions for small businesses and value-aligned pricing for larger businesses.
  • For highly secure organizations, such as those in government and defense, Zmanda’s contained deployment, the air-gapped model is ideal. This allows users to run Zmanda without an internet connection.
  • Universities and other organizations that favor open-source software can leverage Zmanda’s open-source base. They can inspect the code and deploy the community edition as a zero-cost proof-of-concept. Zmanda also utilizes open formats, which means the customers are always in control of their data and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Large enterprises also benefit from the centralized Zmanda Management Console and flexible yet scalable backup policies that allow them to manage globally distributed, petabyte-scale backup and disaster recovery workflows with ease.
  • For companies that use tape as a core part of their backup and archive strategy, Zmanda’s expertise in tape backup is unparalleled. Our core feature set is highly optimized for tape workflows.
  • And for companies optimizing their IT costs, Zmanda’s EBR Solution typically comes in as 50% less expensive than competitors. They can deploy a comprehensive enterprise backup and recovery solution realizing cost savings from day 1.

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