Set Up Zmanda Cloud Storage


Zmanda Cloud Storage is a natively integrated cloud storage platform offered by Zmanda to store and manage your backup. This step will guide you through the process of setting up Zmanda Cloud Storage as the preferred backup storage.

There are four steps to getting started with Zmanda Cloud Storage:

1. How to Download License from Licensing Portal

You can download the license for Zmanda Cloud Storage from our licensing portal – It is mandatory to have Zmanda 5.x license to use Zmanda Cloud Storage.

Click here to view detailed instructions to download the 5.x license.

2. How to Upload the License on Zmanda Management Console (ZMC)

The license downloaded from has to be uploaded to the Zmanda Management Console to start the backup configuration.

Click here to view detailed instructions to access ZMC and upload the license.

3. How to Configure Backups on Zmanda Management Console

Backups are configured on ZMC. A backup set needs to be created to start with backups. All operations such as backup, restore, reporting, monitoring, etc., are performed within the context of a backup set.

Click here to view detailed instructions to configure backups and perform backup runs.

4. How to Pay for Zmanda Cloud Storage

Zmanda Sentinel platform is used for billing Zmanda Cloud Storage. The payment details need to be updated on Zmanda Sentinel for seamless backup.

The storage consumption and account details can be viewed through the Dashboard available on this platform.

Click here to view detailed instructions to add payment details for Zmanda Cloud Storage.

Click the below link to view the user guide for Zmanda Cloud Storage.