Sales Emails for Veeam vs. Zmanda Campaign


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Hi <<name>>,

Subject: Paying too much for backups with Veeam? Try Zmanda.

One of the key pain points we hear from businesses like yours is the frustration and confusion caused by Veeam’s complex pricing model. That’s where Zmanda stands out, eliminating the surprises associated with pricing. With Zmanda, you save on resources and budget thanks to a solution that drives more than 50% TCO savings from day 1 and is simple to deploy & manage.

What makes Zmanda unique?

  • Proven, reliable, and scalable backup & recovery since 1991.
  • Trusted by NASA, Yale, Boeing, and governments worldwide.
  • You don’t pay by the gig.
  • The features you need at 50% less than the competition.
  • Tape/NAS backup and archive as a key competency with support for all major public cloud storage.
  • Ideal for secure sites with no call-home option enabled by default.

Don’t let Veeam’s complicated pricing models hinder your progress and drain your budget. Let’s connect and discuss how Zmanda stacks up with more than 50% TCO savings to help you safeguard your valuable data.