Marketing Emails for Veeam vs. Zmanda Campaign


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Email 1:

Subject: Switch to Zmanda—Your Cost-Effective Alternative to Veeam

Constant feedback is floating around in the backup industry that Veeam has become expensive, with a complex pricing model that charges per GB of data backed up. Additionally, there are persistently increasing costs, feature bloat, data metering, and an ever-changing pricing model.

Enter Zmanda—with reliable core backup features for typically 50% less than Veeam. Zmanda provides a simple backup solution focusing on the core features that enterprises need, making the backup process more efficient and cost-effective. With its easy-to-understand backup costs and highly cost-effective pricing model, you can drive cost savings from day 1.

If you are looking to extensively reduce your backup bills, Zmanda is the answer you’ve been looking for! Learn how Zmanda is more affordable than Veeam.

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