Sales Emails for Open-Source Campaign


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Option 1:

Hi <<name>>

Subject: Safeguard your critical data free of vendor lock-ins.

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated every day and this is expected to multiply several times in the coming years as we inch toward the AI-enabled smart digital era. It’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to find a cost-effective backup solution. One area where open-source software has become particularly popular is in the realm of backup and recovery.

Based on the open-source project Amanda Community, Zmanda offers a powerful and flexible backup and recovery solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
Here’s what you get with Zmanda’s open-source base:

  • Avoid vendor lock-in.
  • With open formats, have complete control over your data.
  • Inspect the code, review the security model, and build on the APIs to integrate custom workflows.
  • Deploy in a zero-trust environment.

Let’s connect to discuss how Zmanda backup can help safeguard your critical data free of vendor lock-ins.

Option 2:

Hi <<Name>>

Subject: Protect your data with the award-winning Linux Backup Solution.

Are you looking for a flexible, secure, and trusted Linux backup and recovery solution? Look no further than Zmanda!

Since 1991, Zmanda has been at the heart of the open-source backup and recovery community. Zmanda’s open-source version, Amanda Community is packaged as the default backup solution in most Enterprise Linux distros. That includes Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, Rocky Linux, Fedora, and more. Built natively for Linux, the solution is based on the developer ethos of open-source, ensuring the highest level of transparency and security.

Amanda offers flexibility and works seamlessly with physical servers and native clouds such as Amazon S3. It has also received the prestigious Linux Journal Award for being the most reliable platform for Linux and UNIX users comfortable with a command-line interface.

Don’t settle for a subpar backup solution. Let’s connect and discuss more on how Zmanda helps you with your Linux backup.