Marketing Emails for Open-Source Campaign


These email templates along with the email banner are available for you to introduce Zmanda EBR to your existing customers and prospects. You can use them as is or customize them with your input.

Subject: Take full control of your data and avoid vendor lock-in.

With data becoming increasingly critical to businesses and industries, having a scalable solution is more important than ever. And with the rise of cloud computing, containers, and other new technologies, the need for adaptable backup solutions has only increased. This is where Zmanda comes in.

If you are a company or industry that values open-source software and wants to avoid vendor lock-in, Zmanda has you covered.

Zmanda’s open-source version, Amanda Community, makes it an attractive choice for customers in education and government sectors, who value the ability to test and integrate our product in their environment with zero-cost proofs-of-concept. The backups are done in open formats, which means you control your data and avoid vendor lock-in.

Zmanda is trusted by some of the biggest names, like NASA, Yale University, Boeing, and the Department of Defense. Join the ranks of satisfied Zmanda customers and experience the power of open-source backup today!