Emails for Druva vs. Zmanda Campaign


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Email 1:

Subject: Druva is expensive. Switch to Zmanda and save 50%

Druva backup solutions have become expensive, with a complex pricing model that charges per GB of data backed up. It can lead to unexpected costs and be problematic for businesses with growing data. Why pay too much for Druva when you can get your backup essentials and save 50% on backup costs with Zmanda?

Unlike Druva, Zmanda does not charge you based on data metering. You won’t have to worry about paying by the gig.

With Zmanda EBR, you get all the features you need to back up your enterprise data with 80% cost savings:

  • Protect data with 50% TCO savings
  • 15 GB/s throughput and 400+ parallel backups
  • Non-proprietary backup formats
  • Ransomware protection with air gap
  • Client-side Deduplication to Optimize the Efficiency of Storage
  • Support for virtualized and hybrid cloud environments
  • Zero-trust security, BYOK, LDAP, SSO, and RBAC
  • One solution for backups to on-prem and cloud storage
  • OpenAPI V3 standard APIs
  • Offered in subscription and CapEx pricing models
  • 24*7 support and professional services

Let’s connect and discuss how Zmanda stacks up with more than 50% TCO savings to help you safeguard your valuable data.