Druva vs. Zmanda Campaign

Over the next five years, up to 2025, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes. It’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to find a cost-effective backup solution.

Druva Backup & Recovery’s backup solution comes at the cost of being complex, hard to use, and difficult to configure. Whereas Zmanda Enterprise Backup & Recovery provides a modern data protection solution that drives 50% TCO savings, eliminating the need to settle for expensive backup solutions.

  • One thing that sets Zmanda apart is the pricing approach—Zmanda functions on a “Don’t pay by gig” model. It simply means that we don’t charge customers by metering the amount of data they’re backing up
  • Instead, Zmanda is licensed by the workload.
  • This pricing approach makes Zmanda incredibly scalable, which is why your customers typically save a whopping 50% compared to Druva.

With Zmanda being more affordable than Druva, its highly cost-effective pricing model is designed to drive maximum cost savings for your organization while offering advanced features to keep your customers’ enterprise data protected.

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