Zmanda Endpoint’s USPs & Target Customers


Explore the unique selling points of Zmanda Endpoint, including its comprehensive data protection, effortless deployment, flexible backup options, centralized management, seamless user experience, and scalable capabilities.

By delving into this, you can significantly enhance your ability to sell Zmanda Endpoint to your customers. You can directly address the needs and pain points of businesses and confidently communicate the advantages of Zmanda Endpoint to your customers, fostering trust and enabling them to make informed decisions about their data backup requirements.

Discover how Zmanda Endpoint caters to its target audience, offering an ideal solution for those businesses seeking hassle-free, efficient, and reliable data backup.

Here’s a summary:

Unique Selling Points of Zmanda Endpoint Backup

  • Simple and fast deployments
  • Rapidly roll out with cloud-based administration and MDM push to endpoints
  • No backend to install or maintain
  • Manage your customers centrally with a SaaS model
  • Bundled per-user cloud storage powered by Wasabi
  • Readily scales from SMB to enterprise

Zmanda Endpoint’s Ideal Customers

  • Small & Medium Size Businesses and Enterprises
  • Enterprises with Geographically Distributed Employees
  • Businesses that Need to Optimize Storage and System Resources
  • Businesses that Value Operational Simplicity and Low Overhead

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