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As an esteemed university, your supercomputer lab generates and processes vast amounts of data daily. However, the valuable data stored in these systems may be susceptible to loss or corruption, potentially hindering your research and innovation.

Zmanda understands this problem and offers a solution for supercomputer labs across educational institutions. Zmanda’s cutting-edge data protection solution offers modernized and petabyte-scale backup capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical data at any given time and place.

The advanced data protection solution comes with features that include:

  • Industry-leading real-time objective backup
  • Seamless onboarding process for new databases
  • Robust reliability for existing databases
  • Simplistic hybrid cloud backups
  • Efficient problem resolution
  • End-to-end compliance
  • Effective vulnerability management

Let’s connect to discuss how Zmanda backup can provide data protection solutions for supercomputer labs and educational institutions.