Marketing Emails for Government Agencies Campaign


These email templates along with the email banner are available for you to introduce Zmanda to your customers and prospects. You can use them as is or customize them with your input.

Option 1:

Subject line: Leverage your data protection with a proven solution

Is the concern over data loss causing stress across your organization? In light of the ever-increasing risks of cyber-attacks, data breaches, and natural disasters, government institutions need to take significant measures to ensure the protection of sensitive systems and data. This is where Zmanda comes in, offering tape backups and data protection solution that is fully certified and compliant to work with all Government Agencies.

Its reliability ensures your data is always protected in environments like hybrid cloud architecture and air-gapped environments, offering you added layers of security.

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Option 2:

Subject line: Is your institution at risk of losing sensitive data?

Are you aware of the security risks connected with public data? Protecting sensitive data and systems is crucial for government institutions. But data loss, security risks, compliance issues, recovery time, and cost can become major concerns. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that [Name Here] now offers Zmanda’s data protection solution for government institutions.

Zmanda’s solution is fully certified and compliant to work with all government agencies. Its high-level security and hybrid cloud architecture make it a reliable and cost-effective option[pricing page hyperlink]. Additionally, it stores data in open and industry-standard formats such as GNU Tar & Zip64, ensuring that it can be easily accessed and managed.

We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive data, and we trust in Zmanda’s data protection solution to deliver on this.

Learn more about Zmanda’s data protection solution for government institutions.

Contact us to discover more about Zmanda’s solution and how it can help protect data in Government institutions.

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