Marketing Emails for Educational Institution Campaign


These email templates along with the email banner are available for you to introduce Zmanda’s educational institutions’ solution feature to your existing customers and prospects. You can use them as is or customize them with your input.

Option 1

Subject line: Keep Your Educational Institution’s Data Safe with Zmanda

As an educational institution, you deal with an ever-increasing amount of data every day. From students’ academic records to research data, you have to manage and protect petabytes of data flawlessly and economically. But, with the growing threat of cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and hardware failures, ensuring the safety and availability of this data is becoming increasingly challenging.

We understand the complexity and importance of managing and protecting data in educational institutions. That’s why we are excited to introduce Zmanda, a reliable backup solution for your supercomputer labs across educational institutions, government securities, and national labs.

Zmanda’s solution is designed to cater to your institution’s needs, whether it’s one workload or a cluster of thousands. With Zmanda, you can rest assured that your institution’s data is safe from any disaster.

Contact us today, and let’s secure your institution’s data with Zmanda’s data protection solution for educational institutions.

Option 2

Subject line: Safeguard Your Supercomputer Labs with Zmanda’s Data Protection

Data loss is a significant issue for educational institutions, and 65% of institutions reported experiencing data loss or corruption. The report also found that only 30% of institutions have a comprehensive backup strategy, leaving the majority at risk of data loss.

If you’re struggling to keep up with modernized and petabytes scale data protection needs, we are pleased to introduce Zmanda’s backup solution. It is designed to meet the needs of supercomputer labs across educational institutions, government securities, and national labs.

With Zmanda, the onboarding process for new databases is seamless, and the hybrid cloud backups are simplistic and efficient. The solution also includes effective problem resolution, end-to-end compliance, and vulnerability management. With Zmanda, supercomputer labs can ensure their critical data is protected, compliant, and secure.

We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive data, and we trust in Zmanda’s data protection solution to deliver on this.

Discover how Zmanda’s cutting-edge data protection solutions can safeguard the critical data of supercomputer labs across educational institutions – Contact us now to learn more.